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Our 100% Kona grown Arabica typica coffee is roasted exclusively on the Twigg-Smith Estate in the heart of the Kona coffee belt, a 30-mile long area of prime growing conditions on the west side of the beautiful 8,271 foot Mt. Hualalai. Some of the over-100-year-old orchards lie between the optimal producing elevations of 1,200 and 1,400 feet. Coffee trees like shade and Kona’s upland climate provides sunny mornings and humid, cloudy afternoons. 

Using a 38-pound capacity Sivetz Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster, we are able to deliver a clean, fast roast in under nine minutes resulting in a bright, improved taste with a more aromatic bean than that of coffee roasted otherwise, resulting in a pleasing difference you’ll notice in your cup! 

The speed of the roast process and separation of chaff coming off the expanding beans into a cyclone collector means the chaff will not burn, smoke, and coat the roasting beans like in the drum roasting process. Our temperature offerings are a 445-degree medium roast and a 468-degree dark roast.

Order coffee here or give us a call Monday through Saturday. Whether purchasing for yourself or as a gift for that special person, we aim to please, getting orders out within 48 hours of receipt. International orders welcome. Join our coffee club and receive repeat shipments at intervals of your choice. It makes for a memorable gift! Subscribe here to be informed of periodic specials and other merchandise offerings.


A long history of coffee excellence.

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Kona coffee is world renowned for its quality and taste, and it’s been our mission from day one to create roasts that maximize these attributes.


With the cycle of the seasons here in Holualoa; spring pruning and fertilizing, Kona summers of life-giving abundant rain, and winter dry-spells when we yearn for the tense cycle to break, we all appreciate the sight of new coffee blossoms, branches white with promise of the fall harvest. We are grateful for the land and its regenerative gifts involved in everything down to the roasting process, ensuring we deliver the consistent, flavorful coffee that Kona Blue Sky has come to be known for. 


Crafted by hand with exceptional care and meticulous attention from start to finish, Kona Blue Sky Coffees embody the essence of Kona’s offerings in smooth, luxurious profiles.


Being born in these islands and of Hawaiian descent, Lisa knows her roots and connection to the land, instilling the same upon her children. Playing and working in the unique, lush world where ocean and fertile lands collaborate, her observation and knowledge of the environment, growing, and harvest cycles in Kona results in seasoned management of a company charged with crafting a quality finished coffee.

Her passion for tradition and her interest in the foundation of any endeavor is the backbone of our operation, and why we do what we do. Remaining true always brings her back to appreciation for her forebears and the fruits of this island lifestyle.

We’ve been here a while and plan to remain so, offering the same resulting goods as we have for twenty-five years with this label, offering results born from simple strategy; consistency with quality product and attention to detail.

Kona Blue Sky Coffee is proudly women owned. 


TEL: 808.322.1700 /
Holualoa, Hawaii

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