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Twigg-Smith Ohana

Ohana is a combination of No. 1 and Prime grades. The Ohana beans are medium-sized with a smooth and snappy flavor. The rich aroma of this coffee has nutty overtones.

Twigg-Smith Estate

This is the Fancy grade. The Estate grade is a large bean with a mild flavor and rich aroma. An exceptional value for an excellent Kona coffee.

Twigg-Smith Estate Reserve

The Extra Fancy grade is comprised of only the largest and most dense coffee beans.  It is a step above our Estate grade.  The flavor of this coffee is smooth and green.

Twigg-Smith Peaberry

Three to five percent of the entire harvest develops in a single bean form called Peaberry. Peaberry has a very smooth and mild flavor. The low acid content also accounts for much of the unique taste.

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Kona Blue Sky Coffee is Roasted Fresh Daily

Medium or Dark Roast

Whole Bean or Freshly Ground

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1/2 lb.    $27.00

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