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Twigg-Smith Ohana

Ohana is a combination of No.1 and Prime grades. The Ohana beans are medium-sized with a smooth and snappy flavor. The rich aroma of this coffee has nutty overtones.

Twigg-Smith Estate

This is the Fancy grade. The Estate grade is a large bean with a mild flavor and rich aroma. An exceptional value for an excellent Kona coffee.

Twigg-Smith Estate Reserve

The Extra Fancy grade is comprised of only the largest and most dense coffee beans.  It is a step above our Estate grade.  The flavor of this coffee is smooth and green.

Twigg-Smith Estate Peaberry

Three to five percent of the entire harvest develops in a single bean form called Peaberry. Peaberry has a very smooth and mild flavor. The low acid content also accounts for much of the unique taste.

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Kona Blue Sky Coffee Company is committed to bringing only the freshest, highest quality Twigg-Smith Estate products to its customers around the world.  To provide you with the best service possible we would like you to consider membership in our Kona Blue Sky Coffee Club.  Membership saves you the time of ordering and ensures you a dependable supply of Kona coffee even when your life is busy.

The Kona Blue Sky Coffee Club pre-arranges monthly or bi-monthly shipments with no additional cost to you, and you may modify or cancel orders at any time.  Just choose the products you would like us to send and pick the date.  We do the rest.  Your credit card will be charged at the time of each shipment.  For more information give us a call, send an e-mail, or better yet, come to the Big Island of Hawaii and stop in!

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