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Chocolate-Covered Peaberry Coffee Beans

Our delicious roasted peaberry coffee beans covered with semi-sweet chocolate! 

3.5 oz.   $9.50

Kona Blue Sky Coffee #100 Burlap Sack

Kona Blue Sky Coffee Company Burlap Sack. Used to hold 100 pounds of coffee while picking and storing (but you'll get a new one!). They are authentic and hydrocarbon free.


Kona Blue Sky Coffee Logo Shirts

Kona Blue Sky Coffee Company Logo Shirts.

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Kona Blue Sky Coffee Logo Cups

Kona Blue Sky Coffee Cups.

8 oz.  $10.00

Kona Blue Sky Vanilla Beans

Imported Tahitian Vanilla Beans. Great for cooking!

1 Bean  $6.00

Semi-sweet Chocolate Covered

Macadamia Nuts

Semi-sweet chocolate covered Hawaiian macadamia nuts.

7 oz.  $10.00

*Temporarily Out of Stock

Men’s Shirts:

*Temporarily Out of Stock

*Temporarily Out of Stock

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Logo Cups

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Cups

8 oz.  $14.00

Kona Blue Sky Coffee Samples

Your choice of 2 oz. samples of Peaberry: $7.50, Estate Reserve: $7.00, Estate: $6.50 or Ohana: $6.00 in medium or dark roast, whole bean or ground.

Kona Blue Sky Coffee Sample Gift Pack

4 - 2 oz. Samples of Estate Reserve Medium, Estate Medium, Ohana Medium, and Ohana Dark. All are ground.

8 oz.  $28.00

Kona Coffee Cutural Festival Logo Shirts

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Logo Shirts